• Global Game Change

    Global Game Change

    Like Megatrends in 1982, Global Game Change today offers an indispensible roadmap of the transforming global landscape. It replaces the…


  • China´s Megatrends

    China´s Megatrends

    China has become a major global player in both the political and the economic areas. But despite the transformation China…


  • Innovation in China

    Innovation in China

    Innovation in the West is almost exclusively identified with technology and business. Innovation in China operates in the larger context…


  • The China Model

    The China Model

    There is almost no one who does not have an opinion about China. In the West mainstream opinions are built on…


  • Mai-Lin My China

    Mai-Lin My China

    It is not easy to grow up in a country where your parents, -- and much more so your grandparents…


  • Mindset


    Reset your Thinking and see the future Collins, October 2006 In the tradition of Naisbitt’s reputation of forecasting the future,…


  • High Tech High Touch

    High Tech High Touch

    Broadway Books 1999 Is technology the tin God of the 21st century? High Tech High Touch decodes our interaction with…