• a – Mastering Megatrends

    a – Mastering Megatrends

    In today’s digital world, information is accessible to almost everyone. But information reaches from facts to opinions, it is informative…


  • b – Creating Megatrends

    b – Creating Megatrends

    China is a master in long-term strategic planning to reach its goals. This is the context in which its Belt…


  • d – Global Game Change

    d – Global Game Change

    Like Megatrends in 1982, Global Game Change today offers an indispensible roadmap of the transforming global landscape. It replaces the…


  • e – China´s Megatrends

    e – China´s Megatrends

    China has become a major global player in both the political and the economic areas. But despite the transformation China…


  • f – Innovation in China

    f – Innovation in China

    Innovation in the West is almost exclusively identified with technology and business. Innovation in China operates in the larger context…


  • g – The China Model

    g – The China Model

    There is almost no one who does not have an opinion about China. In the West mainstream opinions are built on…


  • h – How to Get to Where You Want to Go

    h – How to Get to Where You Want t

    Today China’s youth has more choices than ever before in Chinese history. But that choice comes with competition and pressure…


  • i – Mai-Lin My China

    i – Mai-Lin My China

    Does what is different have to be good or bad? The opinions of two girls, Wendy from New York and…