• j – Mindset

    j – Mindset

    Reset your Thinking and see the future Collins, October 2006 In the tradition of Naisbitt’s reputation of forecasting the future,…


  • k – High Tech High Touch

    k – High Tech High Touch

    Broadway Books 1999 Is technology the tin God of the 21st century? High Tech High Touch decodes our interaction with…


  • l – Megatrends Asia

    l – Megatrends Asia

    Simon & Schuster 1996 The first time John Naisbitt went to Asia was 1967. Ever since then he has visited…


  • m – Global Paradox

    m – Global Paradox

    Morrow 1994 Global Paradox, published 13 years ago, proclaimed the global phenomenon we are witnessing today: The Bigger the World…


  • n – Megatrends for Women

    n – Megatrends for Women

    Random House 1992 Megatrends for women is about powerful women transforming an imperfect world. It begins with a simple question:…


  • o – Megatrends 2000

    o – Megatrends 2000

    William Morrow 1990 Published in 1990, the #1 New York Times bestseller Megatrends 2000 was a run-up to the new…


  • p – Re-Inventing the Corporation

    p – Re-Inventing the Corporation

    Warner Books, 1985 Re-Inventing the Corporation shows how to evaluate your present company in terms of the future. It gives…


  • q – Megatrends

    q – Megatrends

    Although first written mainly to an American readership, Megatrends proved to be true in anticipating major shifts for the whole…